Jolita Greblikaite, Milita Vienažindienė, Regina Andriukaitienė


The social welfare of the community, as a reflection of the quality of life, is characterized by a dynamic and complex nature, and is now becoming an increasingly relevant and more debatable topic in the scientific community. An integrated assessment of social welfare becomes the most important prerequisite for increasing the quality of life. The theoretical studies of social welfare assessment have shown that in order to assess it, a systematic approach is needed that distinguishes living quality factors and their groups and identifies the relationships between them. It is obvious that only the assessment of the existing social welfare situation can form the direction of improving the quality of life.  
In this article the authors, analyzing the issue of social welfare management as one of the most painful problems of the community today, define the concept of quality of life and social welfare, identify factors of social welfare quality and their assessment indicators, reveal the peculiarities of community-oriented activities. Based on the analysis of scientific literature, the authors of the article present a conceptual model illustrating community social welfare management and improving the quality of social life by responding to the needs of the community. The model consists of 5 main stages, each stage solving individual tasks. In the initial stages, an analysis of the current situation is carried out in the aspect of determinants of social welfare, the existing level is determined and comparison with the previous periods is performed. In the next stages a social welfare development plan is being prepared and implemented. According to the authors, applying the proposed model of social welfare management in the community, it is possible to ensure a higher level of social quality of life. Research method is the analysis and synthesis of scientific literature, logical, comparative and graphic representation.

Keywords: social welfare, social welfare indicators, community, management

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