Kateryna Ladychenko, Anna Metelska


The study aimed to explore the current situation and services efficiency level of problems of Institutional framework of government support for Ukrainian farms. Nowadays, the agrarian sector of the economy shows a positive dynamics of growth, forming in recent years about 14% of gross value added in the country and about 40% of foreign exchange earnings on exports in Ukraine. This article aims to examine, through content analysis and statistical description, the importance of the agrarian sector in the national economy and its role in ensuring the country's food security requires the sustainability and effectiveness of its development based by experiences of USA and Europe practices.
Therefore, the study examined the development of farming and service cooperatives are the necessary actions of the state, aimed at ensuring that a person working on the ground can earn enough money to be interested in continuing the work on his own land.
Research data were collected from State Statistics Service of Ukraine, World Economic Forum and The European Statistical System.
Research results showed that creating new jobs in the countryside are taxes to local budgets, and the development of rural areas, and the slowdown of urbanization, the reduction of the rate of extinction of the Ukrainian village. Such economic results, supplemented by the solution of other problems that farmers say, will obviously be better prepared for the opening of the land market in the future.

Keywords: governmental support, Ukrainian farms, land market, state aids, rural development

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