Inita Krivasonoka, Andra Zvirbule


One of the most important medium-term tasks in Latvia is the promotion of production and consumption of local food through implementing measures aimed at increasing the market share of food products produced in Latvia in public procurement and consumption.
The research aim is to examine the situation of public food procurement in Latvia and assess the changes of local products share in public food procurement.
In Latvia, at the end of 2014, in response to Russia's embargo on the Latvian-produced food products and to promote local food consumption in the country was accepted new Regulations. These Regulations prescribe the requirements for public procurement using environmental criteria, and their application, as well as the applicable tender selection criteria for the food supply and catering contracts.
This contributed an increase of the quantity of purchases where ZPP criteria were used, thereby also increased the share of local production. The purchase of food from local farmers positively affects local entrepreneurship, while providing a significant income source for the local farmers; in this way, the viability of many small local agricultural holdings is maintained.
Research methods used: monographic, descriptive, analysis, synthesis, statistical analysis. The present research was performed based on the statistical data, research papers and other information sources.

Keywords: local food, public food procurement, sustainability

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