Liudmyla Golovko


The use, protection and management of water resources belong to the most urgent among global environmental problems of our time. Today, the civilization clearly realizes the need for careful management of water resources, maintaining and restoring its quality. Water quality determines the possibility of its use in various fields of human activity. For Ukraine problems of water sector are also acute and urgent. Low efficiency of water use, poor drinking water quality, nitrate contamination of water resources, poor condition of water bodies in Ukraine require more foreign experience in this sphere, especially the EU experience.
The purpose of our scholarly work is to explore actual problems of harmonization of water legislation of Ukraine with the requirements of EU water policy and development of proposals for the improvement of Ukrainian legislation. Main features of harmonization of Ukrainian legislation in the water resources management sphere with EU law and prospects for implementation of principles of EU Water Framework Directive were analyzed. As a result of the study the ways of implementation of positive foreign experience of water objects management in Ukraine are considered.
Considering the scale of ecological crisis in Ukraine the necessity of forming a new system of economic regulators of nature is obvious. Such system must not only accumulate funds for urgent actions, but primarily encourage economic entities to protect the natural environment. We consider it appropriate to introduce mandatory environmental insurance for operators of environmentally hazardous activities.

Keywords: EU water policy, water legislation, water management, water quality, water resources

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