Renata Matysik-Pejas, Monika Szafrańska, Elżbieta Lato


Poland is a country with significant potential for the development of organic farming. This is due to the possession of rural areas characterized by favorable natural and productive conditions. The advantages of Polish agriculture include relatively clean environment, low chemicals consumption, large labor resources and relatively low labor costs. The main objective of conducted research was to present factors determining the leading of organic farms in the conditions of fragmented agriculture in south Poland. The research was conducted in the Malopolska Voivodeship in 2017. Source material for analysis was primary information collected using PAPI method. In the survey participated 50 certified organic farms chosen by using purposive method of sample selection. In the area structure of surveyed organic farms dominated farms from 5.1 ha to 10 ha. The most popular direction of agricultural production on farms was the growing vegetables. Owners of organic farms as one of the main reasons for moving the farm from conventional to organic systems, considered the possibility of obtaining subsidies for one hectare of cultivation. These subsidies provide them financial support especially in the first years of operation on the market. The least important reason for transformation a farm from conventional to organic system was the factor associated with the reduction of environmental pollution as a result of the change in system of farming. As one of the advantages of running a organic farm, producers pointed the possibility of selecting disease-resistant plant and animal species and creating additional workplaces. On the other hand, as a basic disadvantage of organic farming, farmers pointed out the difficulties in finding market for the products from the farm. Most farm owners cooperate with various organizations connected with ecology. Very popular among them are also different kind of training courses, which are aimed at expanding knowledge of organic production. At the same time the educational activity of the surveyed farms is very low. Only in a few farms was conducted educational activity for children or people interested in ecology.

Keywords: organic farms, Małopolska

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