Krzysztof Rząsa, Marek Ogryzek


Poland is in one of a leading position in Europe in terms of forested area.  Forests grow over 9.4 million hectares, which is 29.5% of the territory of Poland. The vast majority of this area is forests owned by the state, out of which almost 7.6 million hectares are under the management of the State Forests Holding. Educating society about forestry and environment is one of the main priorities of the State Forests. The State Forests’ educational offer is aimed at children, youths and adults, including people with disabilities. It is all about popularising knowledge about forestry and sustainable forest management. This article focuses on the social actions of the State Forests’ operations based on an analysis of the data obtained from reports made by the State Forests. These information and materials were analysed to identify the social aspects of actions carried out by the State Forests in Poland. The authors analysed various kinds of activities of the State Forests connected with social aims. The results of the analyses were presented in table format. The results were used to analyse and describe the social aspects of the State Forests’ operations in the forested area in Poland. The social actions of the State Forests in Poland have been very positively evaluated by the authors based on the achieved analyses.

Keywords: forests, social aspects of forests, the State Forests 

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