Gabibulla Khasaev, Alexandr Vlasov, Dariya Vasilieva, Velta Parsova


One of preconditions for sustainable socio-economic development of the region can be observed as much as possible involvement of land resources in economic turnover and increasing of efficiency of their use.
On the example of Samara region which is the subject of the Russian Federation are made proposals for establishment of criteria for assessment of economic efficiency of land management in specific area. Statistical data on collection of land payments (land tax and leasehold payment) in 27 municipalities of Samara region in 2004-2014 are analysed. There is investigated common information on Samara region - location, total land stock area, agricultural land area, distance between main city of region and territory, number of inhabitants, density of population, etc. Methods of mathematical statistics, regression and factor cluster analysis are used. During the research, methods of mathematical statistics, including correlation and regression analysis, were used. The indicators most influencing the volume of land payments are determined and is developed the model of coherence between level of payments and geographical and demographic characteristics of the municipality (according to the 2012-2014 data). The model allows to estimate the “normative level” for each region according to objective characteristics and to rank the regions according to this indicator. The level corresponding to such a ranking can be considered as a criterion for the effectiveness of land management taking into account the different potentialities of the municipal districts of the Samara region.
Land payments are local taxes, therefore they are an important source of the formation of financial basis of local governments in Russian Federation and play an important role in the socio-economic development of the regions.

 Keywords: criteria of economic efficiency, governance, land stock, land payment, land tax, leasehold payment, leasehold

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