Tomasz Wojewodzic, Wojciech Sroka, Aleksandra Płonka


Evolution of agrarian systems in countries with fragmented agricultural area structure leads to a decrease in the number of farms and an increase in the area and effectiveness of entities developing their activity. It is necessary to find out the causes of disagrarization - a process that is manifested at the macroeconomic level in reduced significance of agriculture in the national economy, among other things, and reduced importance of agricultural incomes in the economy of the countryside and a part of farms at the microeconomic level - in order to effectively impact ongoing changes that often affect the whole regions. The paper is an attempt to identify the factors determining the intensity of the process of the production and economic disagrarization of farms in Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Calculation procedures performed using the zero unitarization method and Data Mining tools enabled assessment of the intensity of the phenomenon analysed in the different territorial units (gminas), and identification of factors that have the biggest impact on its intensity. Using the process of modelling by the C&RT method it has been found out that the characteristics that describe the agrarian structure historically, i.e. intensity of the organisation of agriculture, fragmentation of the agrarian structure, had a big impact on differentiation of gminas in terms of the intensity of disagrarization. High intensity of the organisation of agriculture combined with good environmental conditions is conducive to the retention of production functions of agriculture in a given area. With low intensity of the organisation of agriculture and very large fragmentation of the agrarian structure, the intensity of disagrarization was very often determined by characteristics typical of periurban areas or tourist attractions, i.e. increase in population density and increase in the number of residential buildings. Urban development of a given territorial unit stimulated processes of exiting agriculture. 

Keywords: C&RT, disagrarization, farm, urbanised areas

Article DOI: http://doi.org/10.15544/RD.2017.050

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