Bulat Ziganshin, Renat Abdrakhmanov, Ilnar Gayaziev, Zufar Zakirov


In modern conditions of rural development, the most important productive resource of the agrarian company is human capital. Only well-trained, receptive to innovation, adapted to the market economy, the technician can solve problems for the effective implementation of the economic activity of any enterprise. However, in recent years the problem of staffing is both a management and staff machine operators have intensified. Numbers have fallen substantially, increased the load on one specialist. Inadequate salaries and general social problems in rural areas of Russia and Republic of Tatarstan reduce the attractiveness of work for graduates of agricultural education institutions. The main purpose of this research was to develop a new conceptual approach to staffing of agro industrial complex in modern conditions. The subject of the study was the system of training personnel for agriculture of Russia (on the example Republic of Tatarstan).
The main methods used in this study are comparative theoretical-methodological research of educational institution and logical analyze agricultural education in Russia.  The article discusses and analyzed the positive experience of scientific and educational cluster of agro-industrial complex of Republic of Tatarstan and Kazan State Agrarian University. One of the important conditions to solve some of the problems facing agriculture of Russia today, is the modernization of the agricultural education is associated with the formation of relevant scientific, scientific-educational and scientific-production platform. The progressive development of human potential of the agricultural sector plays an important role in achieving the designated high results as the main carrier of innovative knowledge and skills, without which the introduction of modern methods and technologies in production and management of enterprises of agro-industrial complex is simply impossible. Staffing issues agriculture is of great socio-economic importance and is the most important priorities of the state policy not only at present but in the future.  Identified key staffing problems of the agro industrial complex of Russia and Tatarstan. Designed and proposed a new intensive model of development of scientific-educational cluster of agro-industrial complex of Republic of Tatarstan.

 Keywords: agriculture, scientific-educational cluster(SEC), innovation, education, human resources, agro-industrial complex (AIC) of Republic of Tatarstan (RT), science-educational complex (SRC), Kazan State Agrarian University

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