Raimondas Sadzevicius, Vincas Gurskis, Dainius Ramukevičius


Sustainable (environmentally friendly) modern construction is not limited only to use of natural and environmentally friendly materials. The concept of the construction is an important factor and that is applied to local materials, especially if they come from renewable sources. The sustainable (environmentally friendly) building principles, methods of construction from straw, the essential building requirements for construction from straw are discussed in the article. Straw as a building material used for a very long time, but this usage is often associated with certain mistrust, fears: the building will burn, the mice, rats are attacking, etc. Straw building uses raw materials which are agricultural waste. Buildings constructed from straw decompose in the end of their lifecycle and the construction waste in the area of construction is biodegradable, consequently, it is not necessary to take them away to a landfill. The evaluation of the global and Lithuanian experience of using straw and the structures in which straw are used shows, that the essential requirements can be provided if the straw and timber-framed buildings with straw as a heat insulating material are constructed properly, they use to meet the essential requirements according to the Law on Construction and the European Council and Parliament Regulation No 305/2011.

Keywords: straw panels, agro-industrial buildings, sustainable construction.

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