Vytautas Pilipavicius, Rūta Adamonienė


Community projects implemented by using LEADER method during the programme period of 2014–2020 have new requirements for projects‘ effectiveness that are related with business development in the context of territorial development.
Practice of past period shows that while preparing and implementing local development projects most rural community organizations brought up-to-date priorities of investors, not those of development of rural territories. The problem is that during implementation of projects there is a lapse into fragments, single or short-term goals unrelated to use of project’s results for development of populated locality. Research goal – having analysed theoretical peculiarities of projects‘ management, to distinguish directions that determine effectiveness of community projects.
Structure of research methodology consists of theoretical analysis of factors determining project‘s succession and research of case of community projects implemented by using LEADER method.
Researches of factors determining project‘s succession are based on analysis of research of scientific projects‘ management. The case researched a succession of community projects implemented in Prienai district during the period of 2007–2013 and use of the results in designed forethoughts during the period of 2014–2020.
In the article, there is a scheme of management of effectiveness of community projects prepared and directions that determine succession of community projects distinguished.

Keywords: community projects, social planning, projects‘ effectiveness, territorial development.

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